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iOptron CEM60-EC

Centre-Balanced Equatorial Mount

The iOptron Corporation launched the CEM60 (standard) and CEM60-EC (high precision encoder) centre-balanced equatorial mount in the Spring of 2014.  Even though the mount was brand new, and therefore bound to be susceptible to teething troubles, I decided to become an early adopter and went ahead and ordered a CEM60-EC from the first production run.

Because the mount is so new real world user reviews are still scant so I have decided to record my thoughts in the hope that they will be useful to other potential purchasers.

My comments are in three parts:

  1. Reasons for choosing the CEM60-EC, arrival and unboxing
  2. A consumer review based on my first two months of ownership
  3. An on-going blog of my experiences with the mount

If you’ve found my pages, I hope you find my comments useful.

Clear skies.

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