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Other astronomy websites


Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) - huge archive and a new annotated image every day brought to us by Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell

Ken Crawford’s - images and detailed video tutorials

Richard Crisp’s - images and useful technical information including a method for generating synthetic RGB from emission line (narrowband) data.

Russell Croman Astrophotography - fantastic website and home of GradientXTerminator

Bob Franke Focal Pointe Observatory - images, free software, and tutorials including how to create an image in the Hubble palette

Salvatore Grasso Astrophotography - great tutorials including how to generate a synthetic green layer in Ha / [OIII] narrowband, using CCDSharp deconvolution, and free PhotoShop actions

Paul Kanevsky’s website - images and processing tips

Pete Lawrence’s DigitalSky - images from the Sky at Night presenter and columnist

Jerry Logriguss’ Catching the Light - images and tutorials

J-P Metsavainio’s AstroAnarchy blog - with details of the Tone Mapping technique for narrowband imaging

Scott Rosen’s Astronomers do it in the Dark - astrophotography

Joel Short’s - got some great tips from his processing workflow

Sharpless Catalog - wonderful image archive recording the Sharpless Catalog of (mostly Northern hemisphere) emission nebulae

Online resources

Collimating an SCT - the best guide I’ve found to collimating an SCT by Sylvain Weiller

Field of View calculator - useful service by David Campbell that lets you explore the field of view on common objects with different telescope / reducer / camera combinations

Software - free

Deep Sky Stacker - capable, if slightly slow, registering and stacking software

Bhatinov Grabber by Niels Noordhoek - app to assist focusing with a Bhatinov mask

Polar FinderScope by Jason Dale - a simple but very useful program that helps polar alignment using a polar scope

SharpCap - excellent astronomy camera capture tool with loads of features

Stellarium - excellent free planetarium software

Software - paid

AstroArt 7.0 - image processing software that I use for stacking, among other things

RegiStar - basic interface and eye-wateringly expensive but useful for combining different image scales, e.g. for images taken with different equipment


Altair Astro - Excellent, helpful and knowledgeable, they are the UK distributor of iOptron.

First Light Optics - well respected retailer and sponsor of Stargazers’ Lounge

Ian King Imaging - excellent service and good range including high end kit from the likes of Takahashi

JTechDesign - manufacturer of custom made bits; a great place to get those impossible to find adapters

Teleskop Service - based in Germany but with a  huge inventory; useful for those difficult to find bits and bobs…


BBC Weather - rather variable accuracy

Met Office, UK - including satellite images

Sat 24 - satellite imagery in visible and IR


Atik cameras - reliable, well engineered, and wonderful customer service

Royal Astronomical Society

Space Warps - from the Zooniverse team

Stargazers Lounge - friendliest forum on the web in my opinion

Zooniverse - home to the internet's largest, most popular and most successful citizen science projects

Galaxies (Java) Nebulae (Java) Planetary Nebulae (Java) Solar (Java) Planetary (Java) Lunar (Java)