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Deep sky and solar system imaging from Oxfordshire, UK

Welcome to my astrophotography website. I am an amateur astro-imager living in South Oxfordshire in the UK.

I’ve had an interest in astronomy from a young age, inspired by science fiction and Carl Sagan’s Cosmos TV series. This led me, more or less, to study physics and astronomy to BSc level at Southampton University. I’ve always maintained an interest in the subject, but for many years other things got in the way and it wasn’t until early 2011, when Stargazing Live hit TV screens in the UK, that I was inspired again to buy a small telescope…

My love of the night sky was soon rekindled and it was not long before I took my first, rather shaky, steps in to modern astro-imaging.

Since then it has become a hobby verging on an obsession. After a lot of reading and with help from the friendly members of Stargazers Lounge my skills are improving and in May 2013 I had my first published image in Sky at Night Magazine, shortly followed by a Picture of the Month in Astronomy Now.  I was surprised and delighted that in total I had five images published in newsstand magazines in 2013, probably more by luck than by judgement!

My interests are primarily deep sky astrophotography, that is to say recording objects that lie outside of our solar system, but I do take the occasional picture of the sun, the moon, and the brighter planets.

A change in job has meant that I’ve had to take a bit of a break from astrophotography but I hope to be generating some more images of the night sky in the near future!

If you are interested in learning more about astrophotography then I thoroughly recommend reading Making Every Photon Count by Steve Richards and The Deep-sky Imaging Primer by Charles Bracken.

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